Re/Play service extension

Project Outline

In response to feedback from staff and students, the Universit has invested in expanding the Re/Play service. 

Commencing in September 2017, the Digital Education Office will work with colleagues in IT Services and LFM to extend the installation of automated recording technology in large teaching spaces. We will also start implementing targeted solutions to improve parity of provision across disciplines. Staff will have access to funding and support to enable them to create media resources using the technology outside of the scheduled capture of lectures.

The Re/Play expansion supports the following University strategic objectives: 

  1. Education and the student experience 
  2. Internationalisation and global relations 
  3. Physical and digital infrastructure 


The project aims to:

  1. Simplify, standardise and complete recording equipment provision in centrally managed, large teaching spaces
  2. Extend the scope of the service to better accommodate disciplinary requirements (eg record chalkboards and whiteboards, recording in smaller teaching spaces 
  3. Develop, implement and evaluate case studies of media to enhance teaching and differentiate assessment.  
  4. Rename the service to Re/Play (complete)

Project Timescales

The project will run from September 2017 to September 2018. The support for innovation will continue beyond the closure of the other elements of the project.

Further information

Digital Education Office will be the contact for Schools and individuals, but in the meantime if you would be interested in finding out more please contact Pete Herbert, Senior Educational Developer