Box View - information for students

Updated: 24th January 2018

From 5th January 2018, the Blackboard interface for displaying and providing annotations on submitted assignments, Crocodoc, is replaced by Box View.  This change has been made by Box, the provider of the service, and is outside of the immediate control of the University.  We are sorry for any disruption this may cause. The University is working with Blackboard to address the current limitations of the new interface, especially to enable students to download assignments which have been annotated in Box View.

Submitting your assignment

The change to Box View will not affect the way students submit assignments.  You will still see an onscreen confirmation and receive an email receipt.   If you see a message saying "This file is being converted. The estimated waiting time is ... seconds" your submission will have been registered but you may need to refresh the page to see it.

If the document still doesn't appear this may be due to disabled third party cookies in the browser. This particularly affects Safari. The workaround is to allow cookies for the site:  Manage cookies and website data using Safari.

Viewing your feedback

Students receive feedback in Blackboard in a variety of ways as most appropriate.  This change will NOT affect feedback added via rubrics, attached files, Turnitin or in the "Feedback to learner" box which appears on the right of your assignment screen.

Feedback annotations in Box View

When clicking on your assignment, if it does not appear immediately refresh the page to see it.

If you have received annotations via Box View on your work you will see blue comment boxes and/or highlighted sections of text. Move your mouse over these to see the feedback.

Feedback annotations in Crocodoc

(Annotations added before 4th January 2018)

All feedback added in Crocodoc is still available in Box View.

Mobile devices

Unfortunately feedback added in Box View or rubrics is not currently available via the Blackboard mobile app.

Downloading annotated assignments

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to download a copy of your assignment which includes annotations added in Box View.  However, if you receive feedback via an annotated file such as an attached Word document this can be downloaded. 

Further help

Please check the guidance provided by your School in the first instance. If you have any further questions about accessing your feedback please contact your School Office.

For generic guidance see Blackboard help on accessing grades and feedback