Change from Crocodoc to Box View

Updated: 11th January 2018

The tool which Blackboard previously used to allow markers to provide feedback annotations directly on submitted assignments, Crocodoc, was replaced with Box View on 5th January 2018. This change ONLY affects the annotation tool. It does NOT affect Turnitin or other marking features in Blackboard such as the Grade Centre, rubrics, marking offline and attaching feedback files, or general comments.

Annotations added in Crocodoc WILL be available to staff and students after the transition to Box View. However, annotations added in Crocodoc will NOT be editable in Box View.

Why the change?

Crocodoc is a third party plugin for Blackboard. The provider, Box, is replacing it with a new tool called Box View. We would not normally carry out this sort of change in the middle of an academic year, but on this occasion were left with no choice as Crocodoc will cease to function after 15th January 2018, and Blackboard only released the service which allows transition to Box View in November 2017.

How does Box View compare with Crocodoc?

Box View has a much simpler interface than Crocodoc, although the variety of annotation types is reduced.  It allows for a greater range of file types to be viewed than Crocodoc, including image, audio and video files. Currently annotations in Box View can only be viewed in Blackboard, not downloaded. We have raised concerns about the lack of this and some other functionality with Blackboard. They have said that they are working with Box to ensure all client concerns are being taken into consideration in future development of Box View.

Improvements to Box View

The Digital Education Office is continuing to work with Blackboard to address the current limitations of the new Box View interface. In response to feedback from ourselves and other Blackboard users some improvements have already been implemented, including fixes to display special characters and line breaks in comments correctly. If you would like to view, vote on or suggest other enhancements this can be done via the Blackboard Idea Exchange: 

To vote on or make suggestions you will need to register and log in to the Community Site.

More information for staff and students

Information for staff on Box View including issues, limitations and suggested workarounds

Information for students on Box View

Who to contact if you have any questions or feedback?

Please contact the Digital Education Office