Electronic management of assessment (EMA)

EMA project

The University student survey action plan 2017 identified as a priority that Schools should be encouraged to move to online marking and feedback wherever possible.  From 2017-18 the Digital Education Office (DEO) will continue to support Schools to review current approaches to coursework submission and marking, and support implementation of standardised electronic management of assessment (EMA) workflows. There will be a phased approach to enable work with all Schools over three years.


The EMA project aims to deliver:

10 steps to introducing EMA

    1. Initial contact between School and Digital Education Office (DEO)
    2. Scoping meeting to establish overall aims, key people, roles and responsibilities and timescales
    3. Review of current practice: to make sure DEO has a clear understanding of what happens at the moment, what is essential and what could be improved or changed
    4. Create workflow: check requirements, map these to a workflow, create a prototype for staff to try out, adjust if necessary, and finalise
    5. Training and production of support materials
    6. Set-up (with ongoing support from DEO)
    7. First submission date (with ongoing support from DEO)
    8. Marking and moderation (with ongoing support from DEO)
    9. Evaluation: what went well, what could be improved next time
    10. Adjustment of workflow: liaison between School and DEO to implement changes for next iteration if required


EMA support pack for Schools

The support pack contains guidance and materials to help Schools working in partnership with the Digital Education Office in planning and implementing EMA. 

Access the support pack 


Further information

To find out more about the project please contact Roger Gardner, Digital Education Development Manager:  roger.gardner@bristol.ac.uk

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