Blackboard Upgrade 2017

Upgrade and Migration

Blackboard is now upgraded to Q4 2016. This brings improvements to how Blackboard works whilst the 'Learn 2016 Theme' brings a new design.

We have also moved Blackboard to a new host. Reliability and resilience will give you a better experience and give us the flexibility to schedule maitenance outside of teaching hours.

New functionality, such as being able to drag and drop items when attaching files, will save time. Blackboard Collaborate (coming soon) will give you the ability to run online learning activities. Guest lectures and online classrooms are a few clicks away.

New Design

Some of the tabs have moved. Courses and Content have become 'sub-tabs' of the Home page, you'll see them displayed under the banner.

We have rationalised the Tools available on the Home tab. We've renamed 'Qwickly' to 'Quick Tools'.

The Learn 2016 Theme provides an improved and cleaner design. The theme is highly accessible, with web accessibility guidance built in as standard. It is mobile ready thanks to responsive design - content flows around making best use of the screen size. 

The old 'legacy' course themes and menu customisation are no longer available. Course customisation is still possible using banners and embedded graphics. The following guide shows you how you can create your own using a free online tool - Gravit Klex.

Updating your colour scheme

To ensure content is as accessible as possible, all courses should now use the standard theme. If you have previously used a custom theme or set the menu text colour you may need to update your course. There are two settings to check.

To edit the course theme

  1. Ensure edit mode is on
  2. Hover over the "Change Course Theme"  icon (top-right)
  3. Select "Default"

To update the menu colours

  1. Ensure edit mode is on
  2. On the left-hand menu go to Control Panel > Customisation > Teaching Style
  3. Scroll down to "SELECT MENU STYLE" and ensure "Text Colour" is set to white (select white from the grid of colours or type in the code FFFFFF)

Further help and advice

If you have any comments or questions please contact us or phone us on ext. 17605