Planning your assessment

Help with planning your assessment

The Planning your assessment workflow includes the typical tasks required to set up an online test as well as things to consider in specific contexts. You may find you need to make some changes and that some steps do not apply to you, depending on the size and nature of your assessment.

We recommend contacting the Digital Education Office for a needs analysis before starting to plan your assessments. We can advise you on the technologies available, the activities involved in a typical workflow and the level of support you may need from colleagues or support staff. Support for online exams is currently devolved to Schools. If you are running an invigilated exam you will need to ensure that you have enough resources on the day, including invigilators who have been trained on the procedures required to online exams, and are familiar with the system being used, or are accompanied by another member of staff with experience of the system.

Planning your assessment

When starting to plan your assessment staff are advised to consider Blackboard tests in the first instance, for a number of reasons:

  • Students are already automatically enrolled on the relevant courses
  • The editing interface is similar to other Blackboard tools, so should be relatively familiar if you already have some Blackboard experience
  • A wide range of question types are available
  • Questions can be developed for a specific test or organised in pools to be re-used
  • Test configuration is flexible, providing a range of options including making the test available to a whole group or specific students, giving extra time to specific users, and making feedback available immediately or at a specific later date
  • Scores are automatically saved in the Grade Centre which allows you to monitor test completion and generate reports, including item analysis.
  • Students can access their results and feedback from My Grades