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Hello, you have successfully made it to the fantastic University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers website.

Calling all freshers

Coming to Bristol as a new fresher? Are you a bell ringer already? Have you never rung a bell in your life? Do you like meeting new people and drinking on a school night? If you answered yes to one of the above questions click here

How do I join?

  • Coming along to Fresher's Fair (26/09/2013 at stand M57 in the Millenium Square Marquee) is a great start! Come meet some of us and see our amazing stand!
  • Coming to any of our practices. The first practice will be at Kingsdown St Matthews, 7:30-9pm on Tuesday 30th September (see the calendar for dates)
  • Email our master Alex Tatlow for further details
  • Come to the Pub crawl.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!.


The University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers (UBSCR) is a ringing society for University of Bristol Students, past (called 'non-residents') and present (called 'residents'). We practice the ancient and noble art of change bell ringing in and around Bristol. Our home is St. Michael-on-the-Mount, without, and we practice there on Tuesday evenings. We welcome ringers of all abilities or none and we also welcome 'students' from UWE.

UBSCR was established in 1943. More information is available here.


UBSCR's main activity is ringing, but aside from this it also has quite a busy schedule throughout the year; we attend SUA and NUA, and also have some of our own tours, notably Cupid Tour and Summer Tour, and also the Joint Exeter Tour (a co-operative tour with The Exeter Colleges Guild).
Aside from these we also have varies "in-house" events (usually taking place in someones house) such as Pudding Party, pancake evening, a Cheese and Port evening and of course a Christmas Party.
The Annual Dinner is held (each year) on the 4th Saturday of Janurary at a hotel in Bristol. This is a chance for all members, past and present, to meet together and enjoy a stand-up meal.

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