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Viva congratulations to Dr Sarah Garner

Sarah Garner, recent PhD graduate at Bristol Dental School

28 January 2020

Many congratulations to Sarah Garner, who passed her PhD viva with minor corrections on 28th January.

Sarah's thesis, entitled ‘Development of a Chlorhexidine-Hexametaphosphate Coating for Titanium to Combat Early Implant Failure’, was the culmination of her MRC-funded Clinical Training Fellowship, supervised by Dr Michele Barbour and Dr Angela Nobbs (Bristol Dental School) in collaboration with Professor Matt Dalby (University of Glasgow). This was a truly multidisciplinary project, the objective of which was to develop a chlorhexidine hexametaphosphate coating for titanium that slowly hydrolyses to release the antiseptic agent chlorhexidine, and to demonstrate that this could mediate antibacterial effects whilst maintaining cytocompatibility.

In recognition of her achievements, both examiners commended Sarah for the ‘robustness’ of her defence, so once again, well done Sarah.

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