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Funding to investigate the role of periodontal pathogens in Alzheimer's Disease

7 November 2018

Nicola West (Professor in restorative dentistry, periodontology) has been awarded an Investigator Sponsored Study award from GSK to the value of £115,000 to work in collaboration with Shelley Allen-Birt on a project entitled: "Investigating the Human Microbiome as a Driver of Neuroinflammation & Symptoms in Neurodegenerative Diseases".

The project will define the bacterial populations in post mortem brain tissue from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) patients and controls, map the distribution of the bacteria and correlate them with inflammatory markers. This work follows on from a previous study that showed increased levels of bacteria in AD brains and aims to clarify whether periodontal pathogens could be implicated in the development or control of AD.

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