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Bristol hosts INASCON 2017

INASCON 2017 organising committee, including Bristol Dental School PhD students, Marcus Eales & Josh Jenkins

False coloured E.coli K12 on a flat PET surface from Irill Ishak’s winning talk "Designing an ideal bactericidal surface"

7 September 2017

Between 21st -24th August, postgraduate research students at the University of Bristol hosted the International Nanoscience Student Conference (INASCON 2017). This was the 11th edition of the format and the first to be held in the UK since 2013.

The organising committee included Marcus Eales and Josh Jenkins, 3rd year PhD students in Bristol Dental School’s Biomaterials Engineering research group.

Nearly 80 delegates attended, with over a quarter from outside the UK, representing countries such as Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Spain. The conference included 27 student oral presentations and over 30 posters highlighting the breadth of research and applications of nanoscience.

Congratulations go to Irill Ishak, also from the School's Biomaterials Engineering group, who was awarded the prize for Best Speaker (editorial choice) for his talk entitled "Designing an ideal bactericidal surface".

There were also 7 invited speakers; the plenary was Dr Eric Drexler (Oxford), often described as the founding father of nanoscience, Professor Peer Fischer (Stuttgart), Dr Sabine Hauert (Bristol), Dr Sandrine Heutz (Imperial), Dr Ana Neves (Exeter) and Dr Tom Oliver (Bristol).

Evening entertainment included a thoroughly entertaining show by The INASCON Nanocabaret led by Kate Oliver (Bristol) and a final night Gala dinner at Bristol Zoo.

The conference was a huge success and the committee would like to thank everyone who attended and made it so enjoyable. 

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