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Viva Congratulations to Emily McNaughton

Photo of Emily McNaughton smiling and holding her thesis

9 August 2017

Congratulations to Emily McNaughton who passed her PhD viva with flying colours on 3rd August. The examiners commented that the project was very interesting and she had only very minor changes.

Emily’s research, supervised by Dr Jim Middleton and Dr Becky Foster was entitled Novel anti-inflammatory peptides based on chemokines. It looked at using competing peptides that inhibit inflammation by blocking the movement of leukocytes.

Emily has contributed whole-heartedly to life at Bristol Dental School; as part of the Equality & Diversity Committee, and representing students and organising well-attended social events during her time as PGR Student Representative.

Emily is now focusing on her new role in a London consulting firm as an Associate Pricing and Market Access Consultant, and we wish her every success.

Congratulations Emily!

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