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Funding to help prevent heart disease caused by bacteria

Microscope image of platelets

Human platelets bound to underlying layer of bacterium Streptococcus gordonii

21 April 2017


Dr Angela Nobbs (Lecturer in Oral Microbiology), in collaboration with Professor Alastair Poole (School of Physiology and Pharmacology), has been awarded a three-year project grant worth £190K from the British Heart Foundation.

The project, entitled ‘Molecular mechanisms in Streptococcus-triggered endocarditis’, is part of an ongoing programme of work within the Oral Microbiology group focused on the association of oral bacteria with cardiovascular disease.

The study will explore the molecular basis for Streptococcus gordonii interactions with blood platelets, and the mechanisms that underpin the undesirable thrombosis associated with heart condition infective endocarditis.

Such information will provide a platform from which novel therapeutic strategies to control or prevent clot formation can be developed and so, in the future, help to prevent heart disease caused by bacteria.


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