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Evolved Final BDS



11 May 2010

Final year undergraduate students volunteer as ‘guinea pigs’ to trial new assessment process for the BDS.

Fluffy guinea-pig


It’s been a bit like the outcome of the General Election, long and sometimes painful conversations leading to a working agreement and finally, it’s time to see if it works!

The Final BDS is being modified in parts: the knowledge assessment is evolving in line with developments in assessment and in order to accommodate the increase in student numbers. However, the Gateway, held around Easter each year, and the Clinicals are to remain unchanged. 

A "Mock" Final examination was held over two days - three sessions - and was offered to the present Final year. In the real version, it will be held over three days for three sessions.

Each session is made up of both an e-assessment and a short answer paper.  For some of the examiners this was the first time that they had used these formats. Students had met these types of examinations previously in the course.

Although only a minority of the year sat the examinations, feedback from that group, and from the examiners, has been generally positive:

“It's a very effective way to test from many different areas, not just 5 topics as the current examination is. It’s also less stressful during the exam to sit”

“Good all round test of knowledge and understanding”

“Overall I also think it's a fairer method of assessment”

A huge ‘thank you’ is due to the staff who set and marked the papers, and particularly to the ‘guinea pigs’ who sat them!

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