News in 2014

  • The Cleft Collective Winter newsletter has arrived! 31 December 2014 Take a look at the Cleft Collective Winter Newsletter 2014 for all of the latest updates on the progress of the cohort studies.
  • COST conference, Sweden 9 December 2014 We were pleased to represent cleft research at the COST European conference in Sweden this week, to discuss the psychological impact of appearance concerns and how we can improve support around the world.
  • CLAPA Volunteer Awards 30 October 2014
  • CLAPA conference, London 19 October 2014 Conference theme "The Parent's Voice" and CLAPA turns 35
  • When there is more than a cleft 23 September 2014 The Cleft Collective’s Nicola Stock has been working closely with Dr Kristin Billaud Feragen, Clinical Psychologist and Post-Doctoral Researcher for the cleft team in Oslo, Norway, to investigate the psychological impact of additional conditions associated with cleft lip/palate. Such conditions may include genetic syndromes, autism, developmental delay, attention and/or hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), specific language impairments, dyslexia and learning difficulties. We found a relatively high frequency (32%) of these conditions in a sample of 754 children with cleft.
  • $1 million for cleft research in New Zealand 5 July 2014 We are thrilled to announce that Dr John Thompson, who visited The Cleft Collective in April, has been awarded over NZD $1million to carry out cleft research in New Zealand over the next four years.
  • Appearance Matters #6 1 July 2014 The Cleft Collective has a strong presence at the 6th 'Appearance Matters' biannual conference of the Centre for Appearance Research, based at UWE
  • A Better Day for Cleft Patients 9 June 2014 A fantastic article in The Telegraph, written by Tom Rowley, who was born with a cleft, reflects on how cleft care has changed over recent years. The Cleft Collective’s Jonathan Sandy, who was involved in the reorganisation of cleft care 15 years ago, was also interviewed for the article, along with Nicola Stock and Kerry Humphries.
  • The Cleft Collective Summer newsletter has arrived! 4 June 2014 Take a look at the Cleft Collective Summer Newsletter 2014 (June) for all of the latest updates on the progress of the cohort studies.
  • Cleft lip/palate: what is the impact on siblings? 23 May 2014 As part of our ongoing work with CLAPA, we are carrying out a study about siblings of children with cleft lip and/or palate. Siblings and parents of children with cleft lip and/or palate are being invited for an interview with cleft researchers.
  • Experiences and support needs of adults born with cleft lip/palate - A Study by Nicola Stock 7 May 2014 Thousands of adults are living with cleft lip/palate, and yet little is known about what happens after they leave routine care. This research aimed to explore the experiences of adults with cleft in their own words, with a view to informing service provision and future research in this area.
  • Sarah Hill Runs a Marathon for the Cleft Collective! 15 April 2014 Sarah Hill raised money for the Cleft Collective by successfully completing a marathon in Paris.
  • The VTCT visit the Cleft Collective 27 January 2014 The VTCT reports on their visit to the Cleft Collective
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