Research posters

Poster titleAuthors
Experimental characterisation of TTR as an in-plane defect (PDF, 341kB) Hafiz Ali, Luiz Kawashita and Stephen Hallett
Hygro-thermal effects of temperature and moisture in defects and features (PDF, 952kB) Ganapathi Ammasai Sengodan, Luiz Kawashita, Giuliano Allegri and Stephen Hallett
Fast simulation of composite processing through kinematically enhancement model (PDF, 861kB) Jonathan Belnoue, Dmitry Ivanov and Stephen Hallett
CANs: from reversible reactions to functional composites (PDF, 1,030kB) Callum Branfoot, Hartmut Fischer, Tim Coope, Duncan Wass, Paul Pringle and Ian Bond
Resonators in periodic media for a vibroacoustic control (PDF, 538kB) Marc-Antoine Campana, Morvan Ouisse, Emeline Sadoulet-Reboul, Fabrizio Scarpa
Evaluating Z-pin performance under high-velocity impact conditions (PDF, 586kB) Alex Cochrane, James Lander, Joël Serra and Stephen Hallett
Active thermal management via embedded vascular networks (PDF, 773kB) Jim Cole, Ian Bond and Andrew Lawrie
Kirigami periodic cores: Vibration filtering properties (PDF, 686kB) Simone Del Broccolo, Morvan Ouisse, Emmanuel Foltete, Fabrizio Scarpa
Layup end effectors with Tactile sensing (PDF, 471kB) Michael Elkington, Even Almas, Benjamin Ward-Cherrier, Nicholas Pestell, Carwyn Ward, Nathan Lepora
A novel deterministic optimiser to retrieve manufacturable stacking sequences (PDF, 458kB) Noémie Fedon, Terence Macquart, Alberto Pirrera, Paul Weaver 
Design and development of a high volume, low cost composite fan blade (PDF, 843kB) Vincent Gill, Kevin Potter, Dave Young
Optical switching of artificial muscles using Functional Composite materials (PDF, 760kB) Calum Gillespie, Andrew Conn, Johnathan Rossiter, Fabrizio Scarpa, Asier Marzo
Strain Reversal in Actuated Origami (PDF, 1,079kB) Steven Grey, Fabrizio Scarpa, Mark Schenk
The influence of complex TT stress states on in-plane fibre tensile strength (PDF, 386kB) Kilian Gruebler, Michael Wisnom and Stephen Hallett
Residual Stress Analysis in Composite Interleaves (PDF, 1,220kB) Robin Hartley, James Kratz, Ivana Partridge and Ian Hamerton 
Durability of composite materials in deployable space structures (PDF, 711kB) Yanjun He, Agnieszka Suliga, Alex Brinkmeyer, Mark Schenk, Ian Hamerton
Efficient numerical models for early design analysis and optimisation (PDF, 585kB) Aewis Hii, Luiz Kawashita and Alberto Pirrera
Further experimental characterisation of defects and features (PDF, 383kB) Mike Jones, Hafiz Ali, Luiz Kawashita and Stephen Hallett
Effect of high velocity oblique impacts on thin composite plates (PDF, 492kB) Ashwin Kristnama, Michael Wisnom, Stephen Hallett and David Nowell
Combined effects of load reversal and mode ratio on fatigue behaviour (PDF, 1,200kB) Rico Kuehlewind, Luiz Kawashita and Stephen Hallett
Modal nudging of stiffened structures (PDF, 662kB) Olivia Leão, Rainer Groh, Alberto Pirrera
Development, Demonstration & Performance Validation of Composite Repair Schemes (PDF, 515kB) Jack Lindley-Start, Luiz Kawashita, Ian Hamerton and B Jegatheeswaram Pillai
High Performance Discontinuous Fibre (HiPerDiF) Composites: Development (PDF, 2,252kB) Marco Longana, Juhyeong Lee, Samantha Huntley, Thomas Pozegic, Rhys Tapper, Lourens Blok, Thomas Rendall, Kevin Potter, Ian Hamerton
High Performance Discontinuous Fibre (HiPerDiF) Composites: Application (PDF, 903kB) Marco Longana, Juhyeong Lee, Samantha Huntley, Thomas Pozegic, Rhys Tapper, Lourens Blok, Thomas Rendall, Kevin Potter, Ian Hamerton
Design and manufacturing of bend-twist coupled wind-turbine blade demonstrators (PDF, 388kB) Vincent Maes, Terence Macquart, Paul Weaver, Alberto Pirrera
Micro-Scale Analysis of Progressive Static Damage in CMCs (PDF, 1,395kB) Riccardo Manno, Giuliano Allegri, Antonio Melro and Stephen Hallett
Material Optimisation of Composite Coils for Negating Disturbances in MRI scans (PDF, 1,020kB) James McArdle, Kevin Potter, Jonathan Belnoue, M’hamed Lakrimi
Large mesh techniques for cohesive zone modelling (PDF, 279kB) Supratik Mukhopadhyay and Stephen Hallett
A numerical study on process-induced defects and variability (PDF, 444kB) Maria Onoufriou,  Stephen Hallett, Jonathan Belnoue and Pete Calvert
A multi-scale reinforced sandwich panel for vibroacoustic applications (PDF, 714kB) Rita Palumbo, Dmitry Ivanov, Christophe Droz, Olivier Bareille, Mohamed Ichchou, Fabrizio Scarpa
Exploiting thin-ply carbon composites to establish failure criteria (PDF, 989kB) Tamas Rev, Gergely Czél, Ian Bond, Michael Wisnom 
Novel ultrathin, radiation resistant nanocomposite structures for space apps (PDF, 656kB) Mayra Yadira Rivera Lopez, Fabrizio Scarpa, Ian Hamerton
Manufacturing and characterisation of a composite FishBAC wind tunnel model (PDF, 790kB) Andrés Rivero, Paul Weaver, Jonathan Cooper and Benjamin Woods
Vascular curing of thick composite sections (PDF, 922kB) Bethany Russell, Carwyn Ward, Shinji Takeda and Ian Hamerton      
Adaptive mesh refinement for Delamination Initiation and Propagation (PDF, 378kB) Jagan Selvaraj, Luiz Kawashita, Giuliano Allegri and Stephen Hallett
Through thickness reinforcement of composite laminates (PDF, 516kB) Joël Serra, Antonio Melro, Giuliano Allegri and Stephen Hallett
Accounting for sheared textile composite unit cell properties in macro scale FE (PDF, 2,224kB) Meng yi Song, Adam Thompson, Bassam El-Said, Dmitry Ivanov, Stephen Hallett
Composite Helical Lattices with Novel Thermal Behaviour (PDF, 2,194kB) Jonathan Stacey, Mark Schenk, Carwyn Ward, Matt O’Donnell
Finite Element Modelling of Textile Composites' Deformation (PDF, 4,302kB) Xiaochuan (Ric) Sun, Adam Thompson, Bassam El Said and Stephen Hallett
Effect of voids on interlaminar behaviour of carbon/epoxy composites (PDF, 901kB) Iryna Tretiak, Luiz Kawashita, Robert Smith and Stephen Hallett
Manufacturing Composites with Dual Structural and Energy Storage Functions (PDF, 1,291kB) Mark Turk, Michael Elkington, Ian Gent, Jonathan Belnoue, Adam Thompson, Sang Nguyen, Emile S Greenhalgh, Dmitry Ivanov, David B Anthony
Effect of processing parameters on quality of thermoplastic composites (PDF, 982kB) Mario Valverde, Robert Kupfer, Luiz Kawashita, Maik Gude and Stephen Hallett
Integration of temperature and analysis in vibration fatigue (PDF, 626kB) Georgios Voudouris, Dario Di Maio, Luiz Kawashita and Ibrahim Sever
Effect of Interlaminar Toughening Layer on the Composite Manufacture Quality (PDF, 819kB) Wei-Ting Wang, HaNa Yu, Kevin Potter, BC Eric Kim
New experiments for in-plane shear characterisation of uncured prepreg (PDF, 554kB) Yi Wang, Dmitry Ivanov, Jonathan Belnoue, James Kratz, BC Eric Kim, Stephen Hallett
Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) Software Engineering Culture (PDF, 170kB) Andrew Williams
Industrial scale nano-reinforced composite structures (PDF, 867kB) Robert Worboys, Ian Hamerton, Stephen Hallett, Rob Backhouse and Luiz Kawashita
Behaviour of pseudo-ductile thin-ply angle-ply laminates under different loading (PDF, 811kB) Xun Wu, Jonathan Fuller, Michael Wisnom
Studying Flame Retardancy in Composite Laminates (PDF, 838kB) Jibran Sajjad Yousafzai
Meta-compliance and energy dissipation in cactus-based solids (PDF, 1,057kB) Ioannis Zampetakis, Alistair Hetherington, Adam Perriman, Fabrizio Scarpa
An advanced fatigue cohesive model and application to defect cases (PDF, 437kB) Bing Zhang and Stephen Hallett
High Performance Regenerated Cellulose Fibres as Sustainable Reinforcing Fibres (PDF, 525kB) Chenchen Zhu, Anastasia Koutsomitopoulou, Marco Longana, Stephen Eichhorn, Kevin Potter 
Innovating and Improving Automated Fibre Placement (PDF, 883kB) Petar Zivkovic, Carwyn Ward, BC Eric Kim and Giovanni Marengo
Hybrid Multimaterial Microbraids for Through-Thickness Multifunctionality (PDF, 1,265kB)

Caroline O’Keeffe, Ivana Partridge and Giuliano Allegri

Surface modification of UHMWPE fibres with Ar-O2 plasma treatment (PDF, 556kB)

Usman Sikander, Ian Hamerton, Michael Wisnom, Mark Hazzard

Stiffness tailoring of thin composite shells via thermal prestress (PDF, 1,150kB)

Jonathan Stacey, Matthew P. O’Donnell, Mark Schenk

Toughening composite laminates using electrospun interleaves (PDF, 365kB)

Konstantina Kanari, Michael Wisnom, Steve Eichhorn

Numerical modelling of through-thickness reinforced (TTR) composites (PDF, 675kB)

Antonio R. Melro, Giuliano Allegri, Stephen Hallett

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