ACCIS Annual Conference 2010

15 September 2010, 10.30 AM - 15 September 2010, 10.30 AM

Venue: Queen's Building, University of Bristol

This year's conference was held on Wednesday 15 September in the Queen's Building at the University of Bristol. Over 150 delegates attended the ACCIS Annual Conference 2010, representing both industrial and academic communities, all with a common interest in the research and application of composite materials. ACCIS staff gave presentations during the morning session providing an overview of the research work currently taking place within the ACCIS facilities. Researchers and students from ACCIS presented posters showing their recent research developments. Representatives from the National Composites Centre were also in attendance as well as the many industrial collaborators and sponsors of research work within ACCIS.

Programme and Presentations

Conference programme (PDF, 218kB) (PDF) | Conference presentations (PDF)

Professor Michael Wisnom, Professor of Aerospace Structures / ACCIS Director
Introduction and update on ACCIS activities (PDF, 1,151kB) (PDF)

Professor Bruce Drinkwater, Professor of Ultrasonics
Future directions in NDT of composites (PDF, 903kB) (PDF)

Professor Paul Weaver, ACCIS DTC Director / Professor in Lightweight Structures
ACCIS Doctoral Training Centre (PDF, 1,409kB) (PDF)

Professor Kevin Potter, Professor in Composites Manufacture
Developments in composites manufacturing (PDF, 1,250kB) (PDF)

Dr Richard Trask, Lecturer in Multifunctional Materials
Bio-inspired multifunctional composite materials: mimicking Nature's innovation for improved performance (PDF, 2,312kB) (PDF)

Dr Sameer Rahatekar, Lecturer in Composites and Nanocomposites
Carbon nanotubes based multifunctional composites (PDF, 1,224kB) (PDF)

Dr Giuliano Allegri, Lecturer in Aerospace Structures
Semi-empirical methods for fatigue of composites (PDF, 680kB) (PDF)

Professor Paul Weaver, DTC Director / Professor in Lightweight Structures
Morphing composites (PDF, 3,555kB) (PDF)

I-Composites Grand Challenge Research event

The I-Composites event took place during the afternoon of the ACCIS Conference. The full agenda is available on the I-Composites Grand Challenge Research event webpage.

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