Composites University Technology Centre

The Composites University Technology Centre (UTC) at the University of Bristol is a research centre supported by Rolls-Royce plc to advance composite materials technology and support their insertion into components, structures and systems, through understanding, characterisation, manufacturing advances, validated analysis and innovation. It aims to act as a focus for composites research activities, liaising with other universities to provide a coordinated programme to meet the needs of Rolls-Royce. 

The Composites UTC was established in 2007 and in 2012 entered into a partnership with the Lightweight Structures UTC at TU Dresden to form the Rolls-Royce Composites University Technology Partnership (UTP).



The UTC conducts research in a number of areas relating to composites. These include projects include looking at through-thickness reinforcement, defects and features of composites, vibration and fatigue, novel structures and materials, woven textiles and composites manufacturing.

A full list of current research themes can be found here: Current UTC Project Themes Feb 2021 (PDF, 60kB)‌.

Case studies

A pipeline of innovation – from Bristol Composites Institute to Rolls-Royce (PDF, 1,551kB)

Industry funding accelerates technology deployment (PDF, 933kB)

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