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New Public Service Reform Podcast Interviews available to download

19 July 2013

CMPO visitors Daniel Jones and Wendelin Schnedler discuss their research

New CMPO podcast with Sarah Smith is now available to download

20 July 2012

Professor Sarah Smith discusses her latest research on charitable giving. She talks about what motivates us to give to charity as well as the government's recent cap on tax relief.

New CMPO podcast with Simon Burgess is now available to download

11 July 2012

Professor Simon Burgess discusses his latest research which evaluates the effect of a school failing its OFSTED inspection.

New CMPO podcast with Carol Propper is now available to download

22 June 2012

Carol Propper discusses her research on NHS mergers in the latest CMPO podcast.

New CMPO podcasts with Grant Miller and Pushkar Maitra now available to download

12 April 2012

Grant Miller and Pushkar Maitra talk about their latest research, following the recent CMPO conference 'Public Service Delivery in Developing Countries'.

Latest CMPO podcast with Kjell Salvanes now available to download

20 December 2011

Kjell Salvanes speaks about his paper 'A Flying Start? Long Term Consequences of Maternal Time Maternity Leave and Investments in Children During Their First Year of Life'

Early Years Child Development and Social Mobility

6 August 2008

Social Mobility has become a major political discussion point in recent years, here Professor Jane Waldfogel from Columbia University, New York, a leading expert on early years child development, discuss the importance of the early years of childhood for life chances and the evidence that policy intervention can make a difference to poor children's development.

Neighbourhood Segregation

4 March 2008

Rich Harris discusses his research on neighbourhood segregation in large British cities and school segregation

Targets and Terror

4 March 2008

Carol Propper discusses Targets and Terror and the effect on hospitals waiting times in the English NHS

Centralised Pay Setting podcast

4 March 2008

Carol Propper discusses Centralised Pay Setting and the effect this has on hospitals