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'Workless families: a convenient untruth'

3 February 2012

Latest working paper by Lindsey Macmillan explores worklessness through generations, and features in an article published in The Guardian.

Latest working paper by CMPO member, Lindsey Macmillan, explores how worklessness "trickles down the generations - but also takes a cool look at the facts".

Featuring in an article in The Guardian, the research looks at the issue of intergenerational worklessness for the first time in the UK. It details the actual number of multi-generational co-residing workless households from recent data before looking at the broader setting of families who do not necessarily live together. There are surprisingly few multi-generational workless households, particularly those who never work. However, there is a moderate correlation in workless spells across generations with significant economic implications. This relationship is also found to vary largely by the local labour market conditions. 

Workless families: a convenient untruth, The Guardian, February 2nd 2012.

Working paper 11/278 'Measuring the intergenerational correlation of worklessness. Lindsey Macmillan. December 2011.