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Is teenage motherhood contagious? In the media

Latest CMPO working paper by Professor Carol Propper, Karin Monstad and Kjell G. Salvanes: Is Teenage Motherhood Contagious? Evidence from a Natural Experiment receives national and international media attention.

BBC Radio Bristol with Ben Prater 9th August 2011(1:22:30 mins - 1:25:45 mins)

Teenage pregnancy is contagious BBC News website, 9th August 2011

Teenage pregnancies 'contagious' Daily Telegraph, 9th August 2011

Pregnancy risk higher for sisters of teenage mums The Guardian, 9th August 2011

How being a teenage mother is 'contagious' as siblings follow the examples of elders Mail Online, 9th August 2011

Teen pregnancy 'may be contagious The Mirror, 9th August 2011

Teenage pregnancies could be 'contagious' Evening Standard, 9th August 2011

Teenage pregnancies 'could be contagious' This Is Bristol, 9th August 2011

Teen pregnancy 'may be contagious' Belfast Telegraph, 9th August 2011

Is teenage motherhood contagious? Health Canal,9th August 2011

Teen sisters can catch 'contagious' pregnancy Scotsman, 9th August 2011

Teen pregnancies 'contagious within families' Irish Health, 9th August 2011

The research has also appeared on Star and Jack FM, Heart Radio in Bristol, numerous regional publications and other news websites around the world.

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