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MLwiN 3.05 released

26 March 2020

MLwiN 3.05 released (26-Mar-20)

The Centre for Multilevel Modelling would like to announce our latest MLwiN release - 3.05. For details of bug fixes go to bug fixes.

This new release also includes datasets to accompany the recently published "Multilevel modelling for public health and health services research: Health in context" open access book, providing a practical introduction to multilevel modelling or multilevel analysis (MLA) for researchers working in public health and health services research. The authors, Alastair Leyland and Peter Groenewegen, begin with a compelling argument for the importance of researchers in these fields having an understanding of MLA to be able to judge not only the growing body of research that uses it, but also to recognise the limitations of research that did not use it. The volume also guides the analysis of real-life data sets by introducing and discussing the use of MLwiN with three datasets provided for this purpose. These datasets -, and - are also included in the teaching version of MLwiN. Details of these datasets along with step-by-step descriptions of their analysis are included in the book, available for free download from

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