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R2MLwiN article published and new version released to CRAN

8 September 2016

R2MLwiN article published (08-September-16) and R2MLwiN 0.8-3 released (07 September-16)

The Centre for Multilevel Modelling would like to announce that a journal article for R2MLwiN is now available in the Journal of Statistical Software:

Zhengzheng Zhang, Richard M. A. Parker, Christopher M. J. Charlton, George Leckie, William J. Browne (2016). R2MLwiN: A Package to Run MLwiN from within R. Journal of Statistical Software, 72(10), 1-43.

To support this a new version of R2MLwiN (0.8-3) has been released.

For details of new features and bug fixes go to:

For information on installation/upgrading see:

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