Advanced quantitative methods courses

The courses are open to any social science PhD student from the Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Plymouth or UWE arms of the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP). Attendance is free, but it is essential to register because places are limited.

Students can also take courses from the MRes in Advanced Quantitative Methods 

To apply for a place on any currently advertised course, please email and give your name, position (e.g., PhD student or Research Assistant), department and institution. 

Please only apply for a place if you have the course prerequisites. Please be honest with yourself here: if you do not have the prerequisites, then you may find the course hard to follow, and alternative training may be more appropriate.

Please also only apply for a place if and if you can attend both days: check that you have no conferences or graduate teaching on the scheduled days.

You will be notified as to whether you have a place on the course roughly a week following the registration deadline.

AQM Pathway Students

Students are expected to take the courses listed above, spread over the three year PhD. Students who have already covered the material of a course may seek an exemption. Part time students may spread their courses over more than three years.

The courses are not formally assessed, but students’ performance will be monitored annually and they will be expected to give presentations on their research. Completion of three courses is a pre-requisite for upgrading at the end of the first year. Completion of all courses over the whole PhD is a prerequisite for submitting the thesis.

Additional courses may be taken from other pathways or from the School of Social and Community Medicine’s statistics short course programme. These may be quantitative courses or in the student’s substantive discipline.

Students will gain additional advanced training through attending and involvement in the development and running of reading groups and internal seminars. 

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