Clearing and Adjustment course vacancies for Home and EU students 2018

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Course name (award)UCAS codeVacancies
Accounting and Finance (BSc) NN43 Available
Accounting and Management (BSc) NN42 Available
Ancient History (BA) V110 Available
Anthropology with Innovation (MArts) XD50 Available
Cancer Biology and Immunology (BSc) B131 Available
Cellular and Molecular Medicine (BSc) B130 Available
Chemical Physics (BSc) F320 Available
Chemical Physics (MSci) F322 Available
Chemical Physics with Industrial Experience (MSci) F323 Available
Chemistry (BSc) F100 Available
Chemistry (MSci) F103 Available
Chemistry with Industrial Experience (MSci) F105 Available
Chemistry with Study Abroad (MSci) F107 Available
Chemistry with Study in Continental Europe (MSci) F104 Available
Childhood Studies (BSc) L520 Available
Childhood Studies with Management (BSc) L524 Available
Childhood Studies with Quantitative Research Methods (BSc) L522 Available
Childhood Studies with Quantitative Research Methods (MSci) L523 Available
Childhood Studies with Study Abroad (BSc) L525 Available
Classical Studies (BA) Q810 Available
Classics (BA) Q800 Available
Czech and French (BA) RR1V Available
Czech and German (BA) RR2V Available
Czech and Italian (BA) RR3V Available
Czech and Portuguese (BA) RR5V Available
Czech and Russian (BA) R701 Available
Czech and Spanish (BA) RR4V Available
Economics (BSc) L100 Available
Economics and Accounting (BSc) LN14 Available
Economics and Econometrics (BSc) L140 Available
Education Studies (BSc) X300 Available
Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Innovation (MEng) H604 Available
Environmental Geoscience (BSc) F640 Available
Environmental Geoscience (MSci) F641 Available
Environmental Geoscience with Study Abroad (MSci) F644 Available
Film and Television with Innovation (MArts) 4M50 Available
French (BA) R100 Available
French and German (BA) RR12 Available
French and Italian (BA) RR13 Available
French and Portuguese (BA) RR15 Available
French and Russian (BA) RR17 Available
French and Spanish (BA) RR14 Available
Geography (BSc) F800 Available
Geography with Innovation (MSci) F805 Available
Geography with Quantitative Research Methods (BSc) F802 Available
Geography with Quantitative Research Methods (MSci) F804 Available
Geography with Study Abroad (BSc) 09F4 Available
Geography with Study in Continental Europe (BSc) F801 Available
Geology (BSc) F600 Available
Geology (MSci) F603 Available
Geology with Study Abroad (MSci) F609 Available
Geophysics (BSc) F661 Available
Geophysics (MSci) F662 Available
Geophysics with Study Abroad (MSci) F663 Available
German (BA) R200 Available
German and Italian (BA) RR23 Available
German and Portuguese (BA) RR25 Available
German and Russian (BA) RR27 Available
German and Spanish (BA) RR24 Available
Hispanic Studies (BA) RR45 Available
History of Art (BA) V350 Available
History of Art and French (BA) VR31 Available
History of Art and German (BA) VR32 Available
History of Art and Italian (BA) VR33 Available
History of Art and Portuguese (BA) VR35 Available
History of Art and Russian (BA) VR37 Available
History of Art and Spanish (BA) VR34 Available
History with Innovation (MArts) V104 Available
Italian (BA) R310 Available
Italian and Portuguese (BA) RR35 Available
Italian and Russian (BA) RR37 Available
Italian and Spanish (BA) RR34 Available
Medical Microbiology (BSc) C521 Available
Modern Languages (Three Language Programme) (BA) RR01 Available
Music (BA) W300 Available
Music and French (BA) WR31 Available
Music and German (BA) WR32 Available
Music and Italian (BA) WR33 Available
Music with Innovation (MArts) W304 Available
Palaeontology and Evolution (BSc) CF17 Available
Palaeontology and Evolution (MSci) CF16 Available
Philosophy and French (BA) RV15 Available
Philosophy and German (BA) RV25 Available
Philosophy and Italian (BA) RV35 Available
Philosophy and Portuguese (BA) RV55 Available
Philosophy and Russian (BA) RV75 Available
Philosophy and Spanish (BA) RV45 Available
Philosophy and Theology (BA) VV56 Available
Physics (BSc) F300 Available
Physics (MSci) F303 Available
Physics with Astrophysics (BSc) F3F5 Available
Physics with Astrophysics (MSci) F3FM Available
Physics with Industrial Experience (MSci) F305 Available
Physics with Innovation (MSci) F306 Available
Physics with International Experience (MSci) F307 Available
Physics with Study in Continental Europe (MSci) F304 Available
Physiological Science (BSc) B120 Available
Portuguese and Russian (BA) RR57 Available
Psychology with Innovation (MSci) C804 Available
Religion and Theology (BA) V600 Available
Religion and Theology with Study Abroad (MArts) V601 Available
Russian (BA) R700 Available
Spanish (BA) R400 Available
Spanish and Portuguese (BA) RR54 Available
Spanish and Russian (BA) RR47 Available
Theatre with Innovation (MArts) 2Q50 Available
Theology and Sociology (BA) VL63 Available
Theoretical Physics (MSci) F340 Available
Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Sciences (BSc) DC37 Available
Veterinary Nursing and Companion Animal Behaviour (BSc) D313 Available
Virology and Immunology (BSc) C540 Available

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