Lowell Edmunds’ Short Bibliography on Thucydides

Online version of Thomas Hobbes’ translation of Thucydides

Recordings of Leo Strauss' 1972-3 course on Thucydides at St John's College Annapolis

The Peloponnesian War: the musical (honestly...)

An indie band, The Mountain Goats, takes on Thucydides II.58 (why on earth II.58?). Apparently there may be more on the way; frontman John Darnielle says that “This song was what we call a ‘false start,’ I had a whole concept for a project I’ll be announcing soon but it went in another direction.”

Programme from 2008 conference at Toulouse on the modern reception of Thucydides

Video records of the papers:

The Legacy of Greek Political Thought network:


Neville Morley regularly blogs on Thucydides matters at the Bristol Classics blog, Sphinx:

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