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Christianity and Roman Society: A colloquium for Professor Gillian Clark

11 August 2011

A colloquium for Professor Gillian Clark

On the 2nd of August 2011, the Department of Classics and Ancient History held a colloquium in honour of Professor Gillian Clark who retired from the department in 2010. The colloquium marked Professor Clark's contribution to the study of Classics, and particularly Late Antiquity, in the UK and beyond. Speakers came from Oxford University, the University of London, St Andrews University, the University of Reading and the University of Minnesota and gave papers on a variety of topics relating to the theme of Christianity's place in Roman society.

Each paper led to some stimulating discussion, and the presence of some of the top names in the study of late antiquity in Bristol showed the department’s continuing interest in Late Antiquity. Many of the papers delivered at the colloquium were 'try-outs' for a Festschrift, Being Christian in Late Antiquity, to be published in Professor Clark’s honour by Oxford University Press. The colloquium was kindly funded by the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition and the Faculty of Arts Research Director.

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