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Introduction to Classics outreach and teaching: a student reflection

6 December 2016

Current Classics student, Isabel Lauterjung, reflects on the presentations given at this recent hub event.

Walking into this introductory event (An Introduction to Classics Outreach and Teaching) run by the Bristol Classics Hub this November, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect apart from a guaranteed sandwich lunch. Turns out, deciding to go along was absolutely the right choice.

In the first half of the session, we – a group of 20 or so students from all years of study – were told about the Classics Hub by teacher and coordinator Hannah Walsh. She gave us a detailed and enthusiastic description of what the hub actually does. Afterwards, Classics teacher Amanda Moore and Charlie Berney from the University's Graduate School of Education talked to us not just about what it's like to be a Classics teacher (the marking, the trips, the pupils) but also about the actual requirements one needs for teaching.

All of them presented their perspective on the issue creatively and entertainingly, and could also answer any of our questions at the end. We were also given an organised list of all the outreach opportunities for staff and students, many of which seemed very appealing.

I had been worried that I wouldn't take much away from the meeting, as I am not particularly interested in the actual teaching part of it all but it turns out there are plenty of opportunities for everyone who wants to get involved in promoting and supporting the teaching of classical subjects in local state schools. 

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