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Women in STEM event

14 December 2017

Synthesis CDT female researchers fly the flag for science

Synthesis CDT researchers Lydia Dewis, Siying Zhong and Hannah Steeds have taken part in a Women in STEM event at the Wills Memorial building (Bristol, 1 December 2017). The event was led and organised chemistry staff Natalie Pridmore and it welcomed around 100 pupils from local schools.

Siying and Hannah participated in the different activities that took place in the demonstration fair, as well as in a series of showstopper experiments.

The chemistry stall focused on determining the density of different household liquids and included a 6-layer density tower, as well as illustrating liquid-liquid extraction. This was all presented by Claire Dickson, Siying Zong, Esther Townsend, Lydia Dewis and Silvia Amabilino, and the activity was supported by the Women in Chemistry Working group, represented by Hazel Sparkes and Natalie Fey.

The showstopper experiments focused on luminescence and were presented by Natalie Pridmore, Synthesis CDT graduate Steve Street, Hope Aitchison and Hannah Steeds, while Tony Rogers helped to prepare a range of luminescent compounds.

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