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Are scientist modern superheroes?

10 March 2017

Paul Walker teams up with other scientists to help develop a character for SurgeonX

Reality meets fiction when a team of scientists, an animation filmaker, an editor and a master artist join forces to o produce a unique, darkly comic medical thriller. 

Paul Walker (2014 Cohort) was part of the team and has shared his experience with us. He says, "I was invited to attend a workshop to develop a character (a chemical scientist) that would feature in the latest SurgeonX comic.

The comic has been created to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance and a post-antibiotic era. I worked with a number of other scientists (lead academics, post-doctoral researchers) to provide scientific input into the processes we undertake in the lab in order that the comic communicated correct science and scientific practices.

There have been a number of follow-ups over the past 6 months and the comic is due for release in 2017. Work is still on-going."

Further information

Surgeon X is a new comic book series published by Image Comics. Set against the backdrop of an antibiotic apocalypse in near future London, Rosa Scott, a brilliant and obsessive surgeon becomes Surgeon X, a vigilante doctor who uses experimental surgery and black market drugs to treat patients.

Surgeon X risks everything to save lives, but ultimately ends up warping her medical oath to suit her own decisions.


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