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Charlotte publishes in Nature Chemistry

24 February 2017

We congratulate CDT graduate Dr Charlotte Boott, for her recent paper in Nature Chemistry

Charlotte was a student at the Chemical Synthesis CDT between 2012 and 2016. Some of her research has recently been published in Nature Chemistry

Her latest paper is entitled “Scalable and uniform 1D nanoparticles by synchronous polymerization, crystallization and self-assembly” (doi:10.1038/nchem.2721). 

Uniform non-spherical core-corona nanoparticles (micelles) are desirable for many applications from composite reinforcement and viscosity modifiers to nanoelectronics and biomedicine. Generally, they are only accessible on a small scale. This paper describes a new simple, scalable approach for the preparation of uniform 1D nanoparticles via a “one-pot” synthesis that combines polymerisation, self-assembly and crystallisation.

To access this and other papers by Charlotte visit her research outputs page in the Explore Bristol Research website

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