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CDT student visits Red Maids' School

4 March 2016

CDT student Steve Street (2012 Cohort) was invited by Red Maids' School to give an outreach lecture as part of their Science Society events. Steve is an avid communicator who regularly takes part in public engagement activities. We asked him to summarise his experience and this is what he has to say:

"The title of my talk was “Can Sugars Cure Cancer? A tale of what it’s like to be a chemist” and involved two parts. The general take home message was to firstly inspire people to further pursue a career in science, and secondly to inform them of exactly what that life is like. 

The first part of my talk involved what life as a chemist is like, and why you might want to study chemistry at university (all very relevant to the decisions facing the students in the near future!).

The second part of my talk involved describing my research project in Bristol. My research is involved with trying to develop new sugar inspired anti-cancer drugs that work by targeting a specific DNA structure, a topic which is very interesting and covers several different subject areas, including highlighting the blurred boundaries between scientific disciplines at university level!

After the talk there was the opportunity for several questions, which focussed on what life as a chemist and PhD student is like, and also some very pertinent questions relating to the future challenges my research area faces. Overall it was a very pleasant day speaking to some very bright students!"

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