Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometers (CRDS)

The ACRG uses four commercially available cavity ring-down spectrometers within the UK DECC Network - the Picarro G2301 (CO2 and CH4), G2401 (CO2, CH4 and CO), G5310 (N2O and CO) and the LGR enhanced performance off-axis CRDS analyser (N2O and CO).

The Picarro G2301 CRDS is a reliable, field-tested spectrometer deployed at our Ridge Hill and Tacolneston tall-tower sites and in the ACRG lab.

The LGR is deployed at out Tacolneston tall tower site.

The Picarro G2401 and G5310 are deployed at our Bilsdale tall tower site. Further information on the analysers is available on the Los Gatos and Picarro websites.

The LGR instrument and monitor showing real time N2O and CO data.
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