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Celebration of Bristol Chemistry V

Celebration of Bristol Chemistry V Poster Photo 2

University of Bristol

Celebration of Bristol Chemistry V Poster Photo 2

University of Bristol

4 July 2018

Early career research celebrated in the School of Chemistry

To celebrate and present their early career research postdoctoral researchers started the day by giving talks to a full packed audience, this was then followed by a poster session by PhD students which included a wine reception in the coffee lounge. The talks were attended by around 170 members of the School of Chemistry.

The Postdoctoral talks includued Dr Oliveira giving her talk on "Understanding nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: a computational approach", Dr Potticary presenting his research on "Routes to higher drug efficacy through polymorphic control using static magnetic fields", and finally Dr Silvi presenting "Merging photoredox with 1,2-metallate rearrangements".

Following on from the talks a poster competition for PhD students was held in the coffee lounge. Congratulations to the winners: 

Veronica Del Angel Hernandez - Novel metal-containing conjugated porous materials: from CO2 capture to conversion
Marta Duchi - Charge transfer dynamics and vibrational wave packets explored with ultrafast techniques
Charlotte Gregson - Strain-release ring opening of donor-acceptor cyclopropyl boronate complexes by 1,2-metallate rearrangement


Further information

The event was co-sponored by the University of Bristol and the Royal Society of Chemistry and organised by Dr Tom Oliver, Dr Simon Hall and Professor Carmen Galan.

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