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Professor Dudley Shallcross receives award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement

Dudley Shallcross

Dudley Shallcross

16 October 2012

Professor Dudley Shallcross and colleagues share The David A Shirley Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement at the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, USA

Professor Dudley Shallcross

Dudley Shallcross

Professor Dudley Shallcross shares The David A. Shirley Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement with colleagues Carl Percival (University of Manchester), and Craig Taatjes and David Osborn (Sandia).

The award, from the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, USA, was given for making the first direct measurements of the reactions of Criegee intermediates and showing that their impact on tropospheric chemistry and climate may be substantially greater than previously assumed.

The research team conducted studies of gas phase Criegee intermediates using a multiplexed photoionization mass spectrometer (MPIMS) at the ALS.

At a recent presentation of the research Percival explained that "scientists have always postulated that Criegee intermediates play a major role, but this was the first direct measurement of rates of reaction and product yields."

David Shirley was a Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley and Director of LBNL from 1980 to 1989, and was instrumental in having the Advanced Light Source built.  He is now retired from the lab.

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