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Joint collaboration with Avon Orthopaedic Centre contributes to bone knowledge

Porous Ti used in metal implants

Porous Ti used in metal implants

29 May 2012

Collaboration between the Faul Research Group and Avon Orthopaedic Centre improves understanding of bone implant surfaces

Porous Ti bone

Porous Ti used in metal implants

A collaboration between bone biologists and clinicians from Southmead Hospital and the Faul Research Group has led to developments in understanding of implant surfaces for enhanced bone cell growth. The research focussed on identifying molecules that enhance human osteoblast formation and maturation and develop ways of covalently attaching these molecules to implant surfaces so that they are more likely to withstand the rigours of the implantation process whilst still retaining their bioactivity.

The joint  publication (no pun intended) involved colleagues from the Avon Orthopaedic Centre, Dr Charl FJ Faul, former Faul PhD student Dr Judith Brown and undergraduate project student Jon Knapp. The paper discusses the newly developed and patented method for the fuctionalisation of Ti (implant) surfaces for enhanced bone cell growth, a new area of activity for the Faul Research Group.

The full paper is available in the open access journal eCells & Materials:

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