Professor Anthony (Tony) Legon honoured with Royal Society of Chemistry 2012 Liversidge Award

Professor Anthony Legon

Professor Tony Legon

Professor Anthony Legon has been named by  the Royal Society of Chemistry as the 2012 RSC Liversidge awardee, in recognition of his innovative studies of noncovalent interactions of closed shell molecules involving hydrogen, halogen or metal bonds.

The Liversidge Award has been given since 1928 and is in recognition of outstanding contributions to physical chemistry. This is one of the RSC's most "senior" prizes and previously both Ron Ottewill and Richard Dixon have been winners, with others including Chatt,  Porter, Nyholm, and Pauling. The Liversidge involves a prize and medal and Tony will deliver his award lecture during the course of next year.

Head of School Tim Gallagher said "I am sure all Tony's colleagues will join me in congratulating him on this award and the high level recognition it bestows".