OB Section Seminar: Professor George O'Doherty

1 November 2017, 4.00 PM - 1 November 2017, 5.00 PM

Professor George O'Doherty


"De Novo Asymmetric Approaches to Carbohydrate and Natural Product Motifs for Stereochemical Structure Activity Relationship studies (S-SAR)"
Professor George O'Doherty, Northeastern University, Massachusetts

Over the years, the O’Doherty group has been working to develop practical catalytic asymmetric approaches to the synthesis and study of stereochemically complex structural motifs. The unifying theme that connects our research in these two areas is our method of synthesis (asymmetric catalysis) and target selection (stereochemically complexity and biological activity). A recurring theme in the group's synthetic approaches to any target is the reliance on asymmetric catalysis and synthetic design for the control of asymmetry. The application of these “atom economical” approaches should allow simple conversion of readily available bulk chemicals (e.g., furans) to advanced chiral intermediates (e.g., pyranones) which in turn can be readily assembled into stereochemical complex molecules of interest (e.g., oligosaccharides). Fundamental to our approach is the development of highly efficient and stereoselective routes that transform, via catalysis, inexpensive and readily available building blocks into complex natural products and oligosaccharides and related stereoisomers for further biomedical investigations.

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