Mini Symposium: Multicomponent Semiconductor Materials

3 November 2017, 2.40 PM - 3 November 2017, 5.00 PM

Professor Narayan Pradhan

NSQI Seminar Room & Foyer

Multicomponent semiconductor materials: Synthesis, optics and PV applications

14:40 Matthew Parker (University of Bristol): Emission of telecom wavelength quantum dots within a confined-Tamm plasmon

15:00 Victoria Taylor (University of Bristol): Investigating molecular re-orientation formamidinium lead halide perovskite using 2DIR spectroscopy

15:20 Dr Devendra Tiwari (University of Bristol): The impact of structural disorder and secondary phases in the PV performance of kesterite thin films

15:40 Refreshments

16:00 Professor Narayan Pradhan (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science Kolkata, India) Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist India Award 2017: Doping semiconductor nanocrystals

17:00 Reception

Professor Narayan Pradhan abstract and biography (PDF, 137kB)

Multicomponent Semiconductor Materials Programme (PDF, 93kB)

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