Final-year research projects

The final-year research project is one of the most important and exciting parts of our undergraduate courses. Taken as part of the Research Skills unit, it involves a laboratory or literature/computer-based research project and data handling skills.


At the beginning of the final year, you will become active members of one of the research groups in the school or one of the surrounding hospitals for about six months.

During the project, you will work on an aspect of the ongoing research of the group and will contribute to the solving of important problems in contemporary cellular and molecular medicine. You will work alongside, and receive training and support from, our academic staff as well as their post-doctoral staff, technicians and PhD students.

Helping your career

To work on ground-breaking, new research as an undergraduate provides a great experience. As a result, our students have an advantage when applying for PhD and other postgraduate research opportunities because they will have real experience necessary for a career in research.

Alternatives to laboratory-based projects

If you do not wish to do a laboratory-based research project, we also offer projects which are literature or computer based.

Student feedback

Comments on the final-year project from our alumni:

  • "I really enjoyed the project element - a great way to get an idea of what happens in academic research"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out my project even though it was a lot of work"
  • "The project was really enjoyable, even writing it up. It was great to be able to be investigating something that had previously never been studied. As with the lectures, people in the lab were very helpful and you never felt as though you were just the undergrad getting in the way"
  • "This is definitely the most enjoyable part of the course with a very positive impact on the preparation of each student for future life"
  • "I really enjoyed doing the project and felt that I was fully supported whilst being encouraged to push myself"

I enjoyed the ability to steer my degree to what interested me. The final-year project was great.

Oliver Llewellyn (BSc Cancer Biology and Immunology)

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