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School Seminar Series

Friday, 1 p.m., lecture theatre C44, Medical Sciences Building (unless otherwise stated)

Spring Term 2014

24th January 2014
Dr Kevin Couper, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester (host: Dr Lindsay Nicholson)
'Studying pathogenic T cell responses in experimental cerebral malaria'
This seminar has been sponsored by the British Society for Immunology

31st January 2014
Laura Carney CMM PhD talks (host: Dr Matthew Avison)
'The anatomy of antigen-induced peripheral tolerance'

21st February 2014
Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones UCL Institute of Child Health, London (host: Dr Keith Brown)
'Introducing biomarkers into treatment of Wilms tumour'

Special seminar
Thursday 27th February 2014
Professor Ivan Martin, Department of Biomedicine and Department of Surgery, University Hospital Basel (host: Dr Wael Kafienah)
'Nasal Chondrocytes for Cartilage Repair: Scientific Basis and Clinical Translation'
Venue: C42. Time: 2 p.m.

28th February 2014
Professor Oreste Acuto Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford (host: Dr Lindsay Nicholson)
'The THEMIS-SHP complex: a novel signaling rheostat in T cell development and function'
This seminar has been sponsored by the British Society for Immunology

7th March 2014
Dr Chris Halsey Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences University of Glasgow (host: Dr Allison Blair)
'Investigating mechanisms of central nervous system infiltration in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia'

14th March 2014
Professor Ian Goodfellow Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge (host: Dr David Matthews)
'Proteomics and reverse genetics shed new light on the norovirus life cycle'

21st March 2014
Dr Mariann Bienz MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge (host: Dr Karim Malik)
'Molecular mechanisms of Wnt signalling'

28th March 2014
Professor Richard Meehan MRC Human Genetics Unit, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh (host: Dr Karim Malik)
'Epigenetics and Identity: DNA methylation shapes the Polycomb landscape'

CMM Annual 'Sir Anthony Epstein' Lecture

A prestigious annual lecture, The Sir Anthony Epstein lecture was inaugurated at the University of Bristol in 2009 to recognise the achievements of outstanding scientists in the fields of cancer biology, infection and immunology. It celebrates the achievements of Sir Anthony Epstein who was Professor of Pathology at Bristol University (1968-85) and one of the discoverers of the Epstein-Barr virus

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