Immunology RiP

Immunology Research in Progress (RiP) meetings are on Mondays at 9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. in the E-floor seminar / coffee room (unless otherwise stated) Medical Sciences Building, University Walk, Bristol

Autumn 2014

WNT signalling and macrophage-mediated angiogenesis
6th October 2014
Tarnjit Khera

Regulation of Notch signalling in mature CD4+ T cells: mechanisms and consequences for immune pathology
13th October 2014
Graham Britton

Exploring adjunct therapies to enhance antigen-specific immunotherapy
20th October 2014
Bronwen Burton

Paediatric mucosal immune responses to candidate pneumococcal vaccine antigens
3rd November 2014
Caroline Pope and Elizabeth Oliver

The role of LRG1 in the regulation of angiogenesis in uveitis
17th November 2014
Gemma Beers

Molecular mechanisms of IL-10 transcriptional regulation
24th November 2014
Sky Ng

MicroRNA Regulation of the Innate-Adaptive Divide: Welcome to the Thunderdome
8th December 2014
Jez Fordham

For further information on any of the Immunology Research in Progress meetings, or if you would like to present your work please get in touch with Dr Lindsay Nicholson.

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