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Big Bang Fair 2017

10 July 2017

CMM Staff and students involved in Bristol's Big Bang Fair

A team of staff and students from CMM took part in the 'Big Bang Fair' - a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) Festival held at the Trinity Centre in Bristol last week. Hundreds of 11-14 year old children attended the two-day event, as well as members of the public and regional MPs. Exhibitors from industry and academia enthused children from diverse backgrounds about STEM topics, through interactive displays and hands-on experiments.

CMM contributed three different activities to the festival. Children learnt about the importance of Drosophila in biomedical research, sorting wild type and mutant flies and finding out about how the model can be used to study wound healing ( with Fred Rodrigues, Jennie Campbell, Kate Comber). Another stall investigated the interplay between microbes and the immune system; pupils compared normal and diseased tissue sections and used Giant Microbes to learn about pathogenic bacteria and viruses (instructed by Grace Edmunds, Jiahe Lu, Suzy Pang, Oli Bell, Bronwen Burton). Finally, cancer biologists from CMM teamed up with the School of Biochemistry to show pupils how mutations in DNA can lead to abnormal protein production and cancer. Children were even able to isolate DNA from kiwi fruit (aided by Elle Mortensson, Danny Legge, Marianna Szemes)! 

Huge thanks go to all of the members of CMM who gave up their time to make this event a success, sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with the next generation of scientists.


We'd also like to thank Grace Edmunds for live-tweeting from the Big Bang Fair for our twitter feed, @BristolCMM

Further information

The Big Bang Event in Bristol ran on the 6th and 7th of July.

Big Bang Bristol is supported by:
University of Bristol’s School of Cellular and Molecular MedicineUniversity of Bristol Jean Golding Institute for Data Intensive ResearchBritish Science AssociationRoyal Society of ChemistryBiochemical Society and Bristol Learning City

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