News in 2009

  • Vaccine study underway to combat meningitis 14 December 2009 Scientists at the University of Bristol have embarked on a ground-breaking study to help protect people from the killer disease meningitis.
  • Professor Adam Finn - The Children’s doctor 19 September 2009 Professor Adam Finn, from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, is an academic paediatrician who spends more time doing research than anything else. But rather than describe himself as a professor working at the University he prefers to say he is a paediatrician, because being a children’s doctor is what really defines him.
  • Reducing the severity of multiple sclerosis 24 August 2009 A major step forward, with important implications for understanding how to reduce the severity of multiple sclerosis, has been made by scientists at the University of Bristol.
  • Grant boost for type III secretion system (T3SS) studies 10 May 2009 Dr Ariel Blocker and colleagues have recently published a paper reporting major progress in understanding the structure of the "needle complex" or the transmembrane region of type III secretion systems (T3SSs).
  • Pioneering academic raises £1.6 million investment for 'cell bandage' 12 April 2009 A company co-founded by Professor Anthony Hollander has raised over £1.6 million to fund trials into pioneering 'cell-bandage' technology.
  • Claudia’s story 1 April 2009 Bone marrow stem cells used in cell bandages are the same as those used to treat Claudia Castillo.
  • Developing a vaccine for multiple sclerosis 10 March 2009 Apitope Technology Ltd., a biopharmaceutical company that specialises in developing treatments for allergy and autoimmune diseases was formed as a spin-out company in 2002 from the University of Bristol. In 2007 Apitope announced it had developed a vaccine designed to halt multiple sclerosis in its tracks.
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