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Training Secondment with Keysight Technologies Inc.

Hands-on in the labs with new Keysight mmWave radio heads

Hands-on in the lab examining a Millimetre Wave radio head

David Reyes taking time out in Santa Rosa with Peter Cain (Keysight)

David Reyes taking time out in Santa Rosa with Peter Cain (Keysight)

7 December 2016

David Reyes, PhD student and member of the CDT in Communications at Bristol, joined the annual ‘S800’ in-house training event with Keysight Technologies at their headquarters in Santa Rosa, California (US), aligning with the start of the research phase of his 4-year integrated PhD programme.

David joined Applications Engineers from Keysight drawn from all over the world and participated in the training encompassing technology updates and new measurement releases as well as attending lectures and hands-on labs in 5G, Massive MIMO, Millimetre waves, Internet of Things, and Over the Air measurements. Given that the focus of David’s PhD is to develop a new test methodology to rapidly assess the radiated performance (Over the Air) of 5G wireless devices at millimetre wave, this was a very timely event.

Future 5G devices that will work on frequencies above 30 GHz require high gain antenna arrays in order to compensate the higher losses whilst the electromagnetic waves propagate from the transmitter to the receiver through the air. Such arrays will be very compact and directly integrated to the devices without connectors in between, therefore new technics for evaluate their performance in a cost effective manner are required to be developed. This is a fact that is still not well understood and require extensive research.

In addition to the training sessions, David was invited to give a presentation on his experience designing and implementing the LTE network for the National Telecommunications Corporation CNT EP in Ecuador. The presentation generated substantial interest among attendants and provided valuable insight as to how the equipment developed by Keysight can be strategically positioned in markets planning network deployments.

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