Public Lectures


21st September 2017 Professor Mike Short, CEO - Airedale Advisors (incl Advisor to Telefonica ) and former VP Telefonica Europe, "Wireless communications - building economies in the Developing World"
22nd September 2016 Chris Clifton, Chief Technology Officer and Divisional Director for Europe based Sony Semiconductor and Electronic Solutions, Sony,"The Great 5G Opportunity and the Potential Implementation Challenges"
24th September 2015 Paul Martin, Chief Technology Officer, Plextek Consulting, "The Benefits and Challenges of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles"
25th September 2014 Howard Benn, Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK, "Millimeter Wave as a Key New Element in 5G Cellular Networks"
26th September 2013 'H' Nwana, ex Group Director of Spectrum at Ofcom, ''The UK 4G Spectrum Auction: Fusing Economic Regulation and Engineering"
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