MAGENTA study documents for participants

Patient information sheets

All our patient information sheets have received ethical approval and were developed with support from with the CFS/ME Patient Advisory Group (PAG).  The information sheets have been designed with the patient's age in mind and as such we have three different versions which can be viewed below:

Patient Information Sheets for Participants Aged 8- 11 Years of Age  PIS 8-11 (PDF, 270kB)

Patient Information Sheets for Participants Aged 12- 17 Years of Age  ‌PIS 12-17 (PDF, 354kB)

Parent/ Carer Information Sheet ‌PIS parent/ relative (PDF, 376kB)

Consent forms

In line with ethical guidance all our participants will provide fully informed and voluntary written consent and all our forms have received ethical approval. We will ensure that both parents and young persons are happy to take part. Consent is an ongoing process and throughout the study we will continue to make sure that participants are happy to participate.  Participants are free to withdraw at any time. 

Participants provide formal written consent at a number of stages during the study. 

Firstly participants are given information at their initial clinical appointment. They are provided with an information sheet and are asked if the would like to learn more about the study. If they wish to be provided with further information both the child and parent complete a form gibing consent to have further contact with the research team. At this point they are simply consenting to hear further information, not giving full consent to participation. 

Assent to Contact Form for Young Persons Aged 8- 15 years of age‌: 8-15 Consent (PDF, 101kB)

Consent  to Contact Form for Young Persons Aged 16-17 years of age: 16-17 Consent (PDF, 107kB)16-17 consent (PDF, 159kB)

Consent to Contact Form for Parents/Carers: Parent/Carer Consent (PDF, 102kB)

Those participants consenting to gain further information will be contacted by a staff member from the research team. The researcher will offer further information and ask any questions that the participant and their family may have. If the participant and the participant's family are still willing to participate, then we will ask them to complete a full consent form. 

Consent to Study  Form for Young Persons Aged 8- 15 years of age:  8-15 Consent to study (PDF, 99kB)

Consent to Study Form for Young Persons Aged 16-17 years of age: ‌16-17 consent (PDF, 159kB)

Consent to Study Form for Parent/ Carer:  ‌Parent/Carer Consent (PDF, 156kB)

To explore our participants experiences of partipanting in this study, we are inviting a small sample to carry out qualitative discussion. We will obtain consent for this, and the consent forms can be viewed below:

Consent to Audio Record Qualitative Interviews Form for Young Persons Aged 8-15 years of age:Consent to record treatment 8-15 (Office document, 138kB)

Consent to Audio Record Qualitative Interviews Form for Young Persons Aged 16-17 years of age:Consent to record treatment 16-17 (Office document, 140kB)

Other participant documents

As part of the study, we are using a device called an accelerometer which measure the participants activity levels.‌ We have developed an information leaflet for the activity device: Accelerometer pdf (PDF, 250kB)

We have also developed an information sheet to provide further information about Graded Exercise Therapy: GET Leaflet (PDF, 75kB)

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