Ethics and Approval

We received an enquiry about the MAGENTA study from an MP, our response can be found here: Letter to MP 27-09-2016 (PDF, 99kB)

We also wrote a letter to the Ethics Committee on the 31.10.16, which can be found here: Letter to NRES 31.10.16 (PDF, 560kB)

The ethics committee re-reviewed MAGENTA and confirmed their favourable opinion on the 22.11.16. Their letter can be found here: Research Ethics Committee Confirmation of Favourable Opinion (PDF, 262kB)


Orignial Ethics Approvals

This study has received ethics approval from the NHS research ethics committee:

Ethics approval (PDF, 395kB).

We have made amendments during the trial which have also been approved by ethics: 

 Ethics_Approval_Substantial_Amendment_1 (PDF, 122kB)

Ethics_Approval_Substantial_Amendment_2 (PDF, 110kB)

Ethics_Approval_Substantial_Amendment_3 (PDF, 103kB)

We also have ethics approvals to carry out the research at three different research sites:

Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust RUH approval (PDF, 105kB)

Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust Cambridgeshire approval letter (PDF, 53kB)

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Newcastle Approval letter (PDF, 108kB) 


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