Professor Peter Fleming

Professor Peter Fleming

MB,ChB(Bristol), MRCP(RCP), FRCP(Can), FRCP(Lon), PhD(Bristol), FRCPCH

Professor of Infant Health & Developmental Physiology

Level D
St Michael's Hospital
Southwell Street

Fax Number: (0117) 342 5154
Telephone Number: (0117) 342 5144

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Current research and interests

The investigation and prevention of deaths in childhood.  Lead Investigator on a project throughout the South West Region aimed at identifying preventable factors contributing to childhood death, and implementation strategies to reduce childhood fatality nationally. (Funded by local authorities in the Southwest)

The South West Infant Sleep Scene Study (SWISS). A 4 year study of all unexpected deaths under 2 throughout the SW combined with a longitudinal study of normal infant care and parenting practices including videos of sleep scenes. (Funded by FSID)

A study of the effects of infant care practices and subsequent health, growth and development of children within the ALSPAC cohort. (Funded by FSID)

A study of optimal assessment of respiratory function in children with progressive neuro-muscular disorders in order to predict the need for institution of non-invasive ventilation. (Funded by James Tudor Trust)

A South West Congenital Anomaly Register established in 2002.  This register is now allowing a detailed study of the epidemiology of congenital anomalies throughout the South West Region.(Funded by PCTs in the Southwest via Specialty Commissioning)

Studies of sleep and developmental physiology of children. (Funded by Wolfson Foundation).

Grant-holder on prospective controlled study investigating factors contributing to premature deaths of people with learning disabilities.(Department of Health).


Personal Profile

Peter Fleming is a clinical academic paediatrician with a particular interest in neonatal and respiratory paediatrics, together with children's sleep medicine, developmental physiology and the community care of children who need long-term ventilatory support. He leads the research group based at St. Michael's Hospital who are part of the Centre for Child and Adolescent Health.  He led the team that identified the importance of sleeping position and other factors in Sudden Infant Death syndrome and the implementation of the "Back to Sleep" campaigns in the UK and many other countries.  The approach to the investigation and care of families after unexpected deaths in childhood developed by the team under Peter Fleming has now been implemented nationally as part of The Children Act 2004.  He is currently Vice President of the International Society for the Study and Prevention of Infant and Perinatal Deaths (ISPID).