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Bristol Cancer Research Network Show & Tell on 17 June 2020

18 June 2020

On Wednesday, 17 June 2020 the Bristol Cancer Research Network hosted its first online Show and Tell event. Organised by Sabine Hauert (Faculty of Engineering), Namid Shatil (Faculty of Engineering) and Bethan Lloyd-Lewis (School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine), attendees were treated to a series of talks looking at methods and technologies that are being used, or have the potential to be used, for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

A number of talks were recorded and are now available to view; please see the links in the programme below. If a recoding isn't available, please click on the link to the person for more information on their research and contact details. 

Dr David Glowacki (School of Chemistry)

Using virtual reality to study drug binding mechanisms

Dr Sara Correia Carreira (Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Vice Chancellor’s Fellow)

Using soft robots to grow human tissues


Dr Thomas Gorochowski (School of Biological Sciences)

Synthetic biology 


Miss Ana Rubio Denniss (Department of Engineering Mathematics)

Closed-loop swarm control of micro agents using light

Mr Peter Johnson (Perriman Research Group)

Cancer organoid bioprinting

Dr Silke Henkes (School of Mathematics)

Maths modelling of cell dynamics

Dr Stephen Cross (Wolfson Bioimaging Facility)

Machine learning for bioimage analysis

Prof Rafael Carazo-Salas (Cellular and Molecular Medicine)

Dissecting human pluripotent stem cell dynamics 


Dr Lucia Marruci (Department of Engineering Mathematics)

Modelling and engineering cancer cell phenotypes
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