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Wellcome Board of Governors visit Bristol to hear about innovative research

Press release issued: 26 September 2018

Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome, one of the UK’s largest research funders, visited Bristol this week [25 Sept] to meet senior staff and researchers and understand how Wellcome funding is used, explore issues of joint concern in the UK science base, and discuss future opportunities with the University.

Dr Farrar, who delivered a talk on Wellcome’s strategy and future directions to Bristol senior staff and researchers, was joined by other members from Wellcome’s Board of Governors and senior leadership team.

During the day, the Wellcome team met researchers from across the University to discuss their work on a wide range of topics from law and ethics in healthcare, anti-microbial resistance, quantum computing and its applications in biomedicine, dementia, digital health, data linkage for health applications, population health, research reproducibility, and synthetic biology.

Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President at the University of Bristol said: "Wellcome support is critical to UK research and improving public health by helping to solve some of the country’s major health challenges.

“This visit further cements Wellcome’s longstanding relationship with Bristol.  Our work together is helping to advance ideas, expand knowledge and accelerate new interventions allowing us to push new boundaries in medical research with the aim of improving peoples’ lives and wellbeing.”

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